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About XCMG loader accessories, you need to know

March 01, 2022

XCMG loader attachments are ideal for any type of material construction or ground services. Because of their exceptional strength, reliability, and effectiveness, they are considered industry leaders. If you're seeking high-quality loader components, the XCMG loader accessories might be the solution.


The vehicle's finite element analysis (FEA) of stress contributes to the total supporting structure. Any elements which may be subjected to strong loads have been reinforced, allowing the XCMG loader parts to respond to a variety of challenging industrial applications.


Integrated block, connector boom tip, and octagonal crane are used in this unique jib technology, which provides high lifting efficiency as well as safe and dependable lifting operations of the best quality XCMG loader parts. The innovative extend and retract approach prevents the inner pipe and cylinders from bending and also the booms from breaking due to operator error, increasing the security of the operations. The lifting, spinning, and reiterations systems use eight patent processes to assure smooth running, high performance, and energy saving.


The product list of XCMG loader accessories from BaoQi engineering:

As a leading XCMG loader accessories manufacturer, Baoqi engineering provides various equipment to use in industries and domestic purposes according to the requirements of customers. We manufacture different XCMG loader parts as follows:

  1. ·Work light for loader
  2.  Oil pressure gauge
  3. Water table for loader and water thermometer
  4. Pin for boom cylinder and fore-boom cylinder
  5. Hinge pin
  6. Lock, door lock, and door lock assembly
  7. Air booster pump, brake pump assembly, and booster pump
  8. Sbrake clamp piston
  9. Differential assembly
  10. Brake clamp repair kit and service kit repair-set
  11. Work pump and gear pump
  12. Priority valve assembly and pressure gradient control valve
  13. Dust ring
  14. Piston and clamp piston
  15. Axle shaft


 BaoQi engineering is a professional loader parts manufacturer in China:

 To accomplish its main goal to become the world's leading company able to produce actual benefit, Baoqi engineering as a professional XCMG loader parts manufacturer in China is committed towards its fundamental principle of "Carrying Significant Responsibilities, Operating With Great Morality and ethics, and Creating Outstanding Contributions" and its business essence of "Intense, functional, gradual, and Innovative."


Baoqi engineering has a leading China technology solution institutes, a national-level training center as well as an R&D center for XCMG loader accessories. It has its own global sales system, with many overseas dealers able to assist local clients with advising, selling, and after-sales support.


We also provide our customers all over the world with various machinery parts brands including XCMG, SDLG, XGMA, liugong, changlin and so on. Clients in various countries and areas such as Russia, South Africa, and Southeast Asia have praised our spare parts. Kindly do not hesitate to get in touch with us that if you require XCMG loader parts, we won't let you down.



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